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New York Fashion Designer Clothing

Model: Rebecca Slaughter

Designer/Stylist: [cre-à-re] designs

I had such a blast on this shoot.  I got to work with a bunch of great girls.  Some of my favorite people.  Sam Martucci, and Rebecca, both of whom I had worked with before, and which makes working together so much easier.  And we were also working with Anna Vinton, who was fun to work with too.  Everyone had fun, and we got a ton of great stuff.

I shot a lot of my standard lighting setups, but also worked on some new stuff too.  I had a few shots where I shot wide open which was a new thing for me to do in the studio, and I got some sparkly backdrop, and had a blast with shooting stuff that was a bit different than I normally do.  It’s always good to step outside your comfort zone a bit, and not know whether it’ll work or not.

This is kinda the core of why I love shooting fashion,… I don’t have to do something similar to anyone else.  I can experiment.  I can process however I think it’s going to look best.  It’s just so much fun.

New York Fashion Designs New York Fashion Photographer

Model: Anna Vinton

New York Fashion Photographer Portfolio Model Photographer

New York Model Sam Martucci

That’s the shot where I was shooting real wide open…. it was so much fun.

New York Model: Sam Martucci

New York 3d Art Fashion

Hope yall like em,


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