Brian Financial Planner Updates with Natural Light { New York Headshot Photographer }



Well life has been pretty fantastic lately.  First and foremost I got engaged this last weekend.  YAY!  Which I have to say has been one of my happiest moments in my life.  I can’t tell you how stoked I am about everything.  Now comes the fun part of actually planning a wedding now.  We have to book a venue first.  I think we’re really looking at the Grant Humphreys mansion.  I just can’t wait to marry my fiance.  I couldn’t be happier, and it’s crazy to me how easy life can be once you find the right lady to be with.

Honestly, business has been great lately, and really it’s more than that.  Frankly, it’s the clients that I’ve been working with that really take it up a notch for me.  I love my clients.  Really!  I think it speaks to why I love photography so much.  I honestly enjoy making people look great, and feel great about themselves.  It’s a hard emotion to describe when you see a client see a shot you took, and just totally fall in love with the shot.

Brian came to me wanting to get some great headshots that would really sell both his personality, and his business.  He wanted to get something that was warm and approachable.  I think we ended up with some great shots.  The first shot we did was right around this area where there is some great modern architecture.  In post I made sure that I cleaned up all his skin, and made sure the color pallet was dynamic.



For this last shot we did more open shade.  Behind him was open sunshine.  Again we were against more modern architecture.  The colors of the building were more grey than blue, but with headshots, I always think nice blue tones match nicely with skin tones.

We also did some simple stuff in the studio, but those shots are pretty basic.

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