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Headshot with brad on black velvet, and teal suit with a brown shirt.


First off if you’re looking for a New York Headshot Photographer you can check out my portfolio here.

Well it’s been a crazy last few weeks.  I’ve been booking a ton of work lately, which is great, because it means I get to do what I love doing.  Which is taking great pictures, and working with amazing people to get them shots that make them stand out against the crowd.  I also moved studio’s recently which I’m super excited about.  I have a ton more room to work in now.  I have my own room for hair and makeup, which makes it super easy for people to get changed.  I also have a ton more length to my studio which is awesome, because now I can easily shoot full length with a longer lens.  Something I couldn’t quite as easily do before.  So I’m really stoked about that.

Brad came to me because he’s a bit of an internet personality in the Tech realm, and really wanted some headshots that put his character first, and he could use across all his platforms.  So we went with both an outdoor look, and a studio look.  That way I could get him a few shots, and each look would be able to be used slightly differently.

The first shot we did, we went outside and I setup a black velvet screen behind him.  With the natural light warming his skin tones up a bit, I think this look came out great.  It’s pretty easy to shoot this setup.  Retouching on these shots was pretty simple, basically just a little bit of skin cleanup, and then some dodging and burning.  I also played with the colors a bit in capture one, to even things out and make them look a bit more dynamic.

Brad Black and white studio lighting with a scarf


For the studio look, we just went with a really simple look against white.  I know it goes grey, but that’s because of the inverse law when it comes to light.  Basically the amount of light is halfed as you double the distance.  You can look up all sorts of crazy things about this law.  Anyways, I really liked the way these shots came out.  They were a bit more intense, and gave a bit of an edge to his session.  Retouching wise, this was just simple black and white conversion, and then I played with the colors just a bit to make them a bit more dynamic.  I have a hard time leaving black and white alone.  Very rarely are my shots a true black and white.  I think portraits, and other shots just look better when you play with the color in the black and white.

Brad with a teal suit on black velvet with natural light

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