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I think I shot these 2 summers ago.  I know that’s how far behind I am on blogging.  I really just need to get a bunch of stuff up on the blog, and get all this content off my desk.  I shot these right after I had got my new mamiya film camera.  Which I love dearly.  Shooting film is a totally different experience.  Shooting medium format film is even more different.

I kept seeing all these people shoot with medium format cameras, and I was astounded by the detail.  The compression was amazing, and the overall look of the images just seemed different than what i could get in my full frame digital camera.  After a lot of research I decided to go with a mamiya rz67 proII.  A decision I couldn’t have been happier with.  Not to mention I got the setup for a ridiculously good price.  I got my camera 2 film backs, and 3 lenses, all for $650.  Keep in mind that brand new that setup would have cost well into 3k.

I was so worried when I bought it.  I met  the guy who was selling it, in the parking lot of a best buy.  I didn’t know much about these cameras other than the fact that I really wanted one.  I wanted to feel like a real photographer that shot medium format film.  Don’t ask me why, but that seemed like a milestone.  Even though I see people all the time jumping into the deep end of photography with medium format film.

After he showed up I took a good look at it, fired the shutter a bunch of times, focused it. Everything seemed buttery smooth.  I honestly couldn’t find a single complaint about the kit, and therefore I had nothing to haggle him with. 🙁  I still feel like I got a hell of a deal though.

After having the camera for a week or so I setup my first shoot with it (not this one), and it was such a blast.  Eventually I learned that a lot of what happens in film photography has to do with the processing and scanning, which proved to be much more difficult than it sounded (more on that in another post).  After a few trial and error experiences I ended up finding a lab that I really loved.  These were developed and scanned by indie film lab.  I have to say even though they take forever their scans are just better.  The toning is better, frankly I love everything about that lab.  Not the cheapest, and they are not the fastest, but when you want to produce some really fantastic film work, they are where I go.

These are still some of my favorite shots.  I honestly wish I could shoot more film, but it’s simply not practical for commercial or client work.  The turnaround time pretty much kills any project.

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